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Lancaster Chinese New Year Carnival

The Hua Xian Chinese Society are the organisers of the Lancaster Chinese New Year Festival – an annual celebration of Chinese culture and platform for artists in the arts, music and theatre.

It's biggest event is the Lancaster Chinese New Year Carnival which brings together street markets, music, dance and martial arts into the centre of the city with the stage in Market Square and a parade that winds its way around Lancaster's high streets.

Please contact us if you are:

  • Artists - join our artistic programme;
  • Sponsor - support our festival; or
  • Trader - join the street markets.

Find out more about the Festival on the official website:

Lancaster Chinese Arts Festival

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Lancaster Chinese New Year Gala

The Lancaster Chinese New Year Gala is our annual celebration held at Lancaster's prestigious town hall.

More information coming soon.

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Duan Wu (Dragonboat Festival)

Duan Wu Festival, also known as the Dragonboat Festival, is celebrated at the start of Summer and is most popularly marked with dragonboat racing and eating rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves known as ‘zongzi’.

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Mid Autumn or Mooncake Festival

The Mid Autumn Festival is celebrated on the 15th of the eighth month in the traditional Chinese calendar. It is also called the Mooncake Festival due to the popularity of the sweet filled pastries which are shared and eaten as part of the celebrations.

Dongzi or Winter Solstice Festival

Dongzi or Winter Solstice Festival is a major festival in the Chinese calendar and falls during the Christmas holiday period in the UK.

We hold an annual get-together for the community to mark the occasion and look forward to enjoying the holiday season at the end of the year!