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日期 2019年03月31日
Date Sunday, 31st March 2019
时间 1点00分钟 至 3点00分钟
Time 1:00pm to 3:00pm
地点Venue Lancaster Boys and Girls Club,
Dallas Road,

出席委员 Attendees

会长 / Chairperson Sam Moi Chan
财务管理 / Treasurer Elizabeth Clack
信托委员 / Committee Member Weirui Chen
信托委员 / Committee Member Weiping Zhou
会议秘书 / Minutes Secretary Raymond Chan (非委员, Non-committee)
潜在会员 / Prospective Committee Member Xiansong Yang (非委员, Non-committee)

欢迎新成员加入本慈善信托组 Welcome New Trustee


The committee welcomes Xiansong Yang to the meeting. He will join the trustees on a 6 month induction period where he will be given the opportunity to work with the trustees and learn about the organisation's activities, policies and governing documents. After that his appointment will be reviewed before inviting him to be an official trustee.


汇报2019年春节庆祝各项相关开支 Chinese New Year 2019 Financial Update

项目经理Raymond Chan 汇报最新我们的春节收入£2615。但已花费在今年2019年的春节开支了。



Raymond Chan presents the latest update on the income and expenditure of Chinese New Year 2019.

To date, the project has a total generated income of £2615 but it has been exceeded by expenditure of £4141.96 leading to a £1526.96 deficit.

Sam stated her concerns that 10,000 brochures and 1000 posters was a waste of resources with around 5,000 brochures and hundreds of posters being unused. She proposed that future projects that are not subsidised by grant funding will need to have all expenses need to be agreed in advance otherwise there will be consequences.


暑假一日游计划 Summer Day Trip Planning

信托组讨论了,每年一度的各民族家庭夏天一日游。Sam 打算找CVS协助申请基金补贴部分费用。Raymond 负责联系大巴公司的租旅游大巴价格。



The committee discussed proposals for the annual summer day trip organised for local communities and families.

Proposed destinations include Scarborough, Whitby and Conwy/North Wales.

Sam and Raymond will look at getting quotes for coach hire and any expenses for the activity and possible funding to subsidise the cost of the activities for families from poorer backgrounds.

Future meetings will decide a suitable date and further details in the itinerary.


端午节庆祝 Duan Wu Festival Event




The committee discussed plans for marking Duan Wu Festival in 2019.

The date of the festival is on Friday 7th June 2019, and the committee proposed organising activities at the Chinese School on Sunday 9th June 2019.

Activities being considered are arts and crafts activities and refreshments for students, families and members.

Further plans will be decided in subsequent meetings with volunteers and members.


财务管理 Financial Management

会长在会议上提出,她本人已三番四次的提醒:必须预算资源方可使用用组织的资源。2019年新年 庆祝在没有基金支持下不应该没有预算,尤其是目前申请基金非常困难,无论大小机构都在为自己机构办活动筹款生存。更何况我们是个小组织。



Sam stated that activities that use the charity's reserves need to be limited and carefully considered and agreed in advance especially as the charity is still organisation with limited resources with the challenge of raising funds for its activities in particular with regards to the Chinese New Year 2019's activities and expenditure.

She hopes that all members understand and are cooperative with guidelines set by the Charity Commission which include following policies and procedures. The trustees agreed unanimously to adopt the resolution.


其他事项 Other matters

Sam告诉大家,她已在市中心 Sainsbury's 超市对面的消防局协议使用他们的会议室。因我们是注册的慈善组织所以免费使用该会议室,但需要预定时间使用会议室。

Sam shared details of the new space available for meetings at Lancaster Community Fire Station which is conveniently located in the town centre near the bus station. As we are a charity and community group it is free to use and just needs to be booked in advance. It has already been used for meetings with teachers about Chinese school but can be used for other meetings in required.