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日期 2019年01月20日
Date Sunday, 20th January 2019
时间 1点00分钟 至 3点00分钟
Time 1:00pm to 3:00pm
地点Venue Lancaster Boys and Girls Club,
Dallas Road,

出席委员 Attendees

会长 / Chairperson Sam Moi Chan
财务管理 / Treasurer Elizabeth Clack
信托委员 / Committee Member Weirui Chen
会议秘书 / Minutes Secretary Raymond Chan (非委员, Non-committee)

项目经历汇报2019年春节进展 Project manager Report CNY 2019 Progress


已经确认的表演包括:Batala Samba Drumming,利物浦Hung Gar武术,龙与金狮团表演,中国领事馆提供少数民族服装和布莱克浦麒麟表演团体,提供武术示范,本中文学校老师写中文姓名和珲春,本校老师和大学两个中国留学生志愿帮忙维持安全和民族服装。



Raymond provides an update on prepartions for the Chinese New Year Carnival which will be held on Sunday 3rd Feburary 2019.

The performances that have confirmed include: Batala Samba Drumming, Liverpool Hung Gar Martial Arts Group providing martial arts demonstrations, lion and dragon dance performances, Hua Xian Chinese School teachers and volunteers in ethnic costumes on loan from the PRC Consulate and Blackpool Qilin Performing Group.

The promotional booklet is still being put together with content still being written and collected. The Bank of China haven't approved their advert yet and is being chased. Raymond aims to have the booklet printed and ready to be distributed at least a 7 days before the event.

The current financial status of the event is that it will most likely be in deficit due to no funding available from grants to help cover the costs of the festival. The current budget shows that the event will likely lead to around £1000 loss. The committee unanimously agree the difference will be covered by the charitys reserves from previous festival events being to ensure the event can go ahead. Sam and Elizabeth stated that we should ensure that we minimise any expense and still look for maximising any income from the event such as trading stalls, donations and sponsors. They also stressed the importance of invoicing early and collecting payments as soon as possible.


讨论钱财开支新制度 Discuss Financial Expenditure


Ray设计了新的小开支记录表格,记录所有小额现金的支付,以解决慈善机构2016 - 2017年仍未完成的年度总结财务报。

The committee discussed the need to ensure good records are kept from all our activities and ensure that we have up-to-date book keeping to better manage cashflow.

Raymond also presented a new form for recording all incoming and outgoing petty cash transactions to address the charity's annual financial statements that are still outstanding from 2016-2017.


讨论建议增加委员 Addition of New Committee Members

Sam提出,将有一名新人有兴趣加入华贤华成为信托人 - 杨先生。Sam说明已交相关管理层必备的政策与守则文件让杨先生先了解更多管理的相关法律,明白信托委员的g各项法则要求。


Sam brought to the attention of the committee an individual who has expressed an interest in joining the Hua Xian Chinese Society as a trustee - Mr Yang.

The committee agreed to invite Mr Yang to future meetings for the committee to meet him, introduce him to the role and assess his suitability before formally accepting his appointment as a trustee of the charity.


讨论更换新的慈善会计师 Charity Accountant Replacement

由于2016 - 2017年的账户欠佳,以及我们目前在兰开斯特区CVS的账簿管理人无法满足我们需求的担忧,Sam建议寻找其他独立会计师处理财务,确保我们拥有最新的财务准确记录。


Due to outstanding accounts from 2016-2017, and concerns that our current book keeper at Lancaster District CVS cannot support our needs, Sam proposed looking at alternative arrangements to ensure we have up-to-date financial records.

The committee agreed that we will keep our current arrangements and continue using Lancaster District CVS's book keeping services, but get details of suitable book keepers who have experience in charity book keeping and are reasonably affordable for our needs over the coming years.


其他事项 Other Matters


No other matters.